The Joe Sample Episode of The Line-Up for 1-29-2010

When it comes to my love of Joe Sample, I could really go on for a while. In fact, I already did for Nextbop this week. To be honest, I rather tapped myself out about my love of all that is Joe there. All that's left is the music (much of which I had to bring from home to enter into the KRTU library).

The Crusaders - Eleanor Rigby
This is my favorite song, period. I marvel in how the majority of it is really a piano trio piece. It's probably Sample's best solo in his whole career (not to say he's peaked).
Joe Sample - Carmel
My parents don't often listen to The Line-Up. It's really not their brand of jazz. But since it's clearly been established this week that Joe Sample is loved throughout much of my family, this show is more palatable to them than any other show I've done. Because of that, before putting this show together, I asked my mother what song she'd like to hear this week. She chose "Carmel."
Michael Franks - Nightmoves
Franks put together a perfect song here. The Art of Tea is likely Franks' best album, despite how much my uncle calls it weird (as a positive attribute, though). A dedication of love in minor keys. Brilliance.
Michael Franks - Eggplant
"Eggplant" is why my Uncle Leo thinks Michael Franks is weird. The man can write a song about how his girlfriend prepares a vegetable. That's just talent. Sample on the Fender Rhodes is just as talented.
Joe Sample - Hippies on a Corner
If you had to ask me what my favorite Joe Sample album is, I would have to say Old Places Old Faces. It's an emotionally raw album full of depth and a great use of space. It's quite perfect. The lead single of this album should be a great indicator.
George Benson - Jazzenco
Sample helped write and arrange every track off Benson's Absolute Benson album. When the man is that involved in the process, I find it odd that they didn't just share the billing. This is why I consider Absolute Benson to be at its core a Joe Sample album. Let this track be an indicator.
The Crusaders - It Happens Everyday
I had my pick of quite a few Crusaders tracks. To be honest, this is a great one that seems to fit the mood of this hour and in this specific time slot.
Miles Davis - Amandla
Without even reading the liner notes to see who played on Davis' Amandla album, I knew upon first listen that Sample was on keys for this track. The first time I heard "Amandla," I knew that I had Joe Sample's style pegged. It was a musical awakening for me.
Joe Sample - Night Flight
Both the original version of this song off The Hunter and Sample's re-imagining for 1997's Sample This are brilliant track. But I typically have a rule when it comes to music: always go with the version from the 70s.
The Crusaders - Free as the Wind
Sure, Joe was great on this, but this track is all about Stix Hooper's energy on the drums.


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